Used Outboard Parts!

The following is a small representation of the kinds of quality used outboard parts we presently carry. Please call ahead for further details!

Rebuilt 115hp bubble back powerhead
Used 90 degree V-6 Starter Motor (new=$291.85)
Rebuilt V-6 Crossflow Starter Motor (new=$240)
Rebuilt V-4 Crossflow Starter Motor (new=$189)
Used V-4 Crossflow Flywheels
Johnson 120/140hp Intake and Carburetors (specify hp)
Yamaha V-6 Cylinder Heads
Yamaha V-6 Intake, Carburetors and Reed Set
Yamaha V-6 Ignition Parts (CDI, Relay, Flywheel, Pulser Coil)
Yamaha V-4, V-6 Standard Piston, Rod and Bearings (each cyl)
Yamaha 250hp Lower Shift Shaft, Driveshaft, Prop Shaft, Brg)
Yamaha V-6 Ignition System and Electrical System
Yamaha V-4 2000 Crankcase, Rebuilt
Johnson V-6 Gearcase Housing


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