Port Monmouth Marine offers a broad variety of services for your outboard boat, from overall checks to complete overhauls.

Outboard Winterization and Yearly Maintenance

Fresh water flush
Run on treated fuel
Fog engine with recommended solution
Change gear lube
Vacuum and pressure test gearcase (if necessary)
Remove propeller, grease shaft and inspect
Inspect power trim
Visual inspection of all engine components
Service remote oil tank
Re-torque cylinder heads and exhaust cover
Check ignition and compression
Check charging and cooling systems during run
Touch up paint on lower unit and propeller
Change spin-on filter
Change sacrificial anodes where needed

Winterization Off-Boat (these items are added to the above list)
Remove motor from boat
Install test wheel
Check ignition timing
Reinstall propeller
Reinstall motor onto boat

These services are also available:

Power Washing - $4.00 per foot
Shrink Wrapping - $12.00 per foot ($15.00 per foot T-Top/Hard Top), Door - $35.00
Boat and Trailer Storage - $4.00 per foot/per month
Motor Storage (see below)

Motor Storage Rates
Motor Size Storage/Month
2-20 HP $15.00
21-60 HP (2 cylinders) $18.00
61-140 HP (3 and 4 cylinders) $22.00
6 cylinders $25.00

Winterization Rates
Motor Size
Winterizing On-Boat
Winterizing Off-Boat
2-20 HP
21-60 HP (2 cyl.)
3 cylinders
4 cylinders
6 cylinders
8 cylinders

Four Stroke Engines: Add $50 Labor

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